Sunday, 9 March 2008

Project 3: Teachers writing poems.

We were a bit shocked when we found out that some adults would not listen to our research, so we think that by making adults join in with our project they will help us more.
In this project we will ask all grown ups in school to write a poem. We will choose a winner. The winning poet must then go all the classes and share with the children their poem. The winner will also do a lesson on how they made their poem and the children will then write their own poems.

We think this will help us answer these questions:
Do we do enough poetry things?
Why would adults not listen to our research?
Do most people loke comdery in their poems?
What would help us understand poems more?


Anonymous said...

I wrote this poem today for the competition. I hope you like it!


In London we love football,
The game is beautiful.
We hail our sporting heroes,
And cheer our teams to win.

A derby is a big match,
You do not want to lose.
Every time a goal is scored,
The fans shout out for more.

Ar-se-nal play sylishly,
Tott'nham play with passion.
West Ham's local talent's great,
And Chelsea hate to lose.

Winning games is important,
We want to win the league.
Celebrate our clubs today,
The game is mag-ical.

Anonymous said...

I have forgotton how to sign in to make a post so I hope you see my poem.


You are leaving what a shame
Life here just won't be the same
We will miss you that's for sure!
But not the ruler in your draw

Life takes us on all different paths
To enrich our lives and fulfil our hearts.
We hope the path you travel upon
Will bring you joy for years to come.

You have touched so many along the way.
And so now we would like to say!
A precious friend you have been
So hard to find a fault within.

We thank you now for all you have shared.
Your knowledge, your wisdom and
Most of all your care.