Sunday, 9 March 2008

Questions we want to explore.

From our first collection of information there were lots of answers that didn’t give us a real idea of what people are thinking. Lots of our questions resulted in mixed results.
So, we have looked at these mixed resulted and created some questions to investigate these areas more closely.
These questions will be linked with our cause and effect projects.

Do people think poetry is silly as in silly funny or silly rubbish?
Now we have done some projects in class on poetry, do we understand it better?
How is poetry rude?
Why do some people think that poetry is not a real subject?
Do we do enough poetry things?
What stops us reading poems everyday?
Why would adults not listen to our ideas and research?
What confuses people when they read poems?
Why don’t people listen to poems?
What don’t you like about poems?
What would help you understand poems more?
How come nearly all children said that they didn’t know any famous poets?
If we like acting out poems, will this help us understand them more?
Why don’t we choose to write poems?
What s poetry all about? Why does it matter if a poem is long or short?
Why don’t most children have a favourite poem?

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Us Lot said...

It needs a bit more words and fab more idear's and more rythems on this poem and on the blog