Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Collecting information: The Big Interview!

We now know that the more people we ask to answer our questions, the more important and accurate our research becomes.
We now want to see how many people we can interview before we start the project.
Please can you answer these questions by putting your answers into the comments box.

Could you leave your name and age.

The Big Online Interview Questions:

1. Why is poetry important?
2. Do you like poetry?
3. Do you know any famous Poets?
4. Do you think that listening to and performing poems will help our writing skills?


Mr Lea said...

I feel that experiencing poetry is a very important part of learning. It allows us to communicate our ideas and emotions through creative and inventive language.
I think that poetry really places an emphasis on the creative use of language.
Poetry is immensely important as it is one of only a few genres that can be secretive, personal and unique to its author, but at the same time shared by many readers.
I enjoy poetry; especially poems that make me think and challenge me to look at things in a new way.
I have read lots of poems by many famous poets; one of my favourite poets is Spike Milligan.
I think that listening to poems and performing them will help us with our writing skills; its very creative nature will challenge our ideas about how we choose to use words and how we choose to communicate.

Mr. Lea.

The Gearies Poetry Researchers. said...

1) Why is poetry important?
It is important because it provides a way of expressing thoughts and feelings in a creative way.
2)Do you like poetry?
Yes I do like poetry and when I was younger and at university, I also enjoyed writing them and have a short collection of my own.
3)Do you know any famous poets?
I do not know many famous poets apart from Kipling, Wordsworth, Slyvia Plath and Thomas Hardy, whose work I studied whilst at college....a long time ago!
4)Do you think that listening to poems will help our writing skills?
I definately think that listening to poems will help with writing skills, as children will develop a broader and more enriched vocabulary and learn to express their emotions through poetry. They will be able to explore different patterns and rhyme and develop their confidence with writing, literacy and language overall. It can also make both reading and writing fun!

By Ruby Patel (Millie's mum)

Interviewed by Mille, aged 6

The Gearies Poetry Researchers. said...

1. Why is poetry important?
I think poetry can allow us to express our feelings with an intensity that prose does not allow.
2. Do you like poetry?
I have not read a great deal of poetry and sometimes find it hard to unlock 'meanings'. I do however enjoy word play and particularly enjoy this aspect of humerous poetry.
3. Do you know any famous poets?
Apart from studying T.S.Elliott at school (A very very very long time ago) I am unfamiliar with most poets. I remember however being fascinated by the interpretations that the teacher gleaned from seemimgly innocent sentences.
4. Do you think that listening to poems will help our writing skills?
I think that listening to poems will improve knowledge of language and how it can be used to express a range of emotions and feelings. It will also help to develop a sense of rhythm and rhyme which can extend into other creative areas such as dance and song.
Claire (Katie's mum)

The Gearies Poetry Researchers. said...

1)Why is poetry important?
Poetry can be a wonderful way to enjoy literature. A great way to express ones emotions. Some poems can deliver such intense messages. It allows the writer freedom of expression using a variety of different forms of language.
2) Do you like poetry?
Yes i do enjoy poetry, however, I haven't really read much since my time at school/college. The only poems I get to read noe are the one's the children come home with!!
3) Do you know any famous poets?
None spring to mind I'm afraid. Sorry!
4)Do you think that listening to poems will help our writing skills?
Yes, most certainly they will. My children have all read poems since they were young and have enjoyed them. I do believe that their writing skills have improved as a consequence.

Farzaana (Sakeena's mum)

The Gearies Poetry Researchers. said...

What do you think poetry is all about, What is poetry, what are verses in a poem, do all poems have to rhyme, how will poetry help us in the future and why do you thimk poetry is important. Ameera Age:6

Bob Drew said...

1) Poetry is important to us all. It is very popular to the modern world(song lyrics, nursery rhymes) and helps us to express difficult things succinctly and with great style.
2) Yes, I do like poetry. Some poets more than others, but I don't tend to read it on its own much, I read books and articles more.
3) Famous poets whose work I read: TS Elliott, Shakespeare, EE Cummings, Michael Rosen, Benjamin Zephaniah, Bob Dylan, Homer, Thomas Hardy, Spike Milligan, Shel Silverstein
4) I think if you listen to lots of poetry it will help you have a better understanding of how language works. Good poetry has the potential to inspire and excite. Anything that can do that will improve your language skills, especially if you write it too. It will be very difficult to prove it has influenced writing skills because of all the other good learning you do at the same time. This will also influence what you can do. Good poetry will enrich your lives, it will help you understand the world and help you find ways of expressing yourself.

The Gearies Poetry Researchers. said...

1. I think poetry is important because you can be creative with words. It can document events and feelings that were significant to the writer.
2. I like poetry because it inspires me in many ways. It can be entertaining and gives me a different perspective on historical and recent events.
3. I love some of the poems by Tennyson because they are just so beautiful to read. Other famous poets I know include: Kiplin and Noyes.
4. I definately think listening to poetry will help our writing skills. From personal experience (English was my second language), poetry enabled me to experiment with words that were unfamiliar to me. It encouraged me to write without being judged by the skills my grammar .
Kwai (Joely's mum)

Ameera said...

poetry is to tell a story or pass a message with flowing and rhyming words,and is sometimes presented in verses.ameera

Mags said...

I think poetry is incredibly important as it enriches us and it is perhaps the way that most children experience writing, ideas and language from other cultures. It's also very clever as poetry expresses so much without having to use pages full of words.
I am passionate about poetry. It makes me laugh, cry and sends shivers down my spine.
I like lots of poets, like Michael Rosen, Benjamin Zephaniah, Imtiaz Dharkar, Shakespeare, Grace Nichols and Seamus Heaney but my favourite poet is Carol Ann Duffy.
I think that listening to and performing poems will really help your writing as it will introduce you to new words and rhythms with words. I think poetry will make you think about choosing and ordering your own words carefully so that your audience or reader really understands what you mean and what message you want to give them. It will also be great fun!
Maggie McGuigan
(secondary English consultant LBR)

The Gearies Poetry Researchers. said...

1.Why is poetry important?
Poetry is important because it is a great way to express feelings and is another fantastic type of writing.
2.Do you like poetry?
Yes I do. I always enjoy reading poems, and particularly enjoy the funny rhyming ones.
3.Do you know any famous poets?
Unfortunately I don't. I just enjoy reading them
4.Do you think that listening to poems will help our writing skills?
Yes, I do. I personally have read and enjoyed listening to poems, and belive it has benifited in my writing.

Tasneem (Sakeena's sister, aged 11)

Mr Farmer said...

1. I think poetry is an art form. It can inspire and entertain; it can move you and make you think. It's a great tool for communication and at the same time it can be beautiful. What more could you want?
2. I love poetry, but I'm very picky about what I like. I think it's a bit like telepathy, and you have to be on the same wavelength as the poet or the poem won't work for you.
3. Some of my favourite poets are Ted Hughes, Roald Dahl, Robert Browning, Dylan Thomas, William Wordsworth and Emily Dickinson.
4. I am sure that it will help your writing skills. It makes you look more closely at the world and the words you use, makes you more creative and engaging as a writer and the really good stuff - when it really strikes a chord - gives you a love of language.

The Gearies Poetry Researchers. said...

Poetry is important as it enables us to illustrate emotion,feeling and story telling using a varied and creative language.
i really enjoy poetry both in the english language and in urdu.Poetry manages to capture trails of thought and action in a beautifully creative manner.It can describe and paint a picture in your mind with the words that are used,therefore the reader can see the subject matter from a different point of view.
i am afraid i do not remember any famous poets as i read them at school looooong loooong ago!!!!!
i think that listening to poems and performing poems definately helps with your writing skills as it challenges your abillity to vary your vocab and how choosing certain words can express your ideas differently.
saica rashid (sanas mum)
interviewed by sana Rashid age 6

The Gearies Poetry Researchers. said...

Poetry is important because in such a small amount of time you can tell a whole story or share an experience.You can express your emotions and feelings and in your readers mind you can create an image to share your story.
I have to be in the right mood to read poetry, i listen to songs alot and i suppose in certain artists they do use some good poetry.
Famous poets ??? er!!....
Does michael booblay count???
Listening to poems will help us explore into phrases and words that we would not use in our day to day life.Reading poetry can be challenging and it will help us to improve our language and thoughts.
(Munnaans mum)
Interviewee - Munnaan.

The Gearies Poetry Researchers. said...

Poetry is very powerful way of sharing ideas. I like listening to and reading poetry inlcuding Qawali's. Allama Iqbal is a very famous Pakistani poet who writes in Urdu. Listeing to and performing poetry is a good way of getting people to consider different issues in a fun interactive way.
Faisal (urhum's Dad)

The Gearies Poetry Researchers. said...

Poetry is imporatant as it it is a fun way of exploring different ideas. I love poetry! Spike Milligan ,Benjamin Zephaniah and Micheal Rosen are some of the famous poets that I know . Having the opportunity to listen and perform poetry is a good way of gettting you to think more carefully about a poem.
Saima (Urhum's Mum)

Ameera said...

This website tells us about lots of famous poets!
Check it out!

Ammera, 6.

Champion said...

Faisal, Age 6

- A True Team Player and Master of the Universe and his Family - Of Course!

1. I think poetry is important as it can provide a way of communicating emmotional feelings in a vivid and highly expressive way. Poetry can make you feel different things such as make you happy, lift you up, make you cry, make you luvvy duvvy, etc, etc... Poetry can encourage reading and writing as it can be very interesting. Poetry can express certain feelings that may not be expressed in the normal everyday language. Poetry can be intimate, poetry can be sad, poetry can be whatever you feel.

2. I love Poetry especially as it is very expressive and will help improve my writing and reading. I can share poetry with my mum, my dad, my brothers and my friends and anyone else.

3. Here are but a few famous poets:

Langston Hughes
Emily Dickinson
Walt Whitman
Robert Frost
Charles Simic
Billy Collins
Nikki Giovanni
Gary Soto
Adrienne Rich
Donald Hall
Rita Dove
Mary Oliver
Liam Rector
Sharon Olds
Louise Glück
John Ashbery
W. S. Merwin
Naomi Shihab Nye
Lucille Clifton
Yusef Komunyakaa
Sonia Sanchez
Robert Bly
Alice Notley
Amiri Baraka
Sandra Cisneros
Seamus Heaney
Robert Hass
Mark Strand
Jane Kenyon
Abas ala'kad
Abdul Rahman Munif
Abu Nuwas
Abu Tammam
Akbar S. Ahmed
Hakim Bey
Hassan al Banna
Ibn Arabi
Ilona Yusuf
Irshad Manji
Jeffrey Lang
Marmaduke Pickthall
Martin Lings
Michael Wolfe
Muhammad Asad (Leopold Weiss)
Muhammad Iqbal
Murad Wilfred Hofmann
Naim Frasheri [Naim Frashëri]
Omar Khayyam
Rashid Ahmed
Ruqayyah Waris Maqsood
Suleyman Ahmad
Yahiya Emerick
Yusuf al-Khal
Yusuf Balasagun
E. E. Cummings
Edgar Allan Poe
William Carlos Williams
Sylvia Plath
W. H. Auden
Pablo Neruda
Dylan Thomas
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
William Blake
T. S. Eliot
William Shakespeare

4. I think if you put your mind to it you can accomplish almost anything.
One mans weakness is another mans strength.
One mans impossibility may be another mans opinion.
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he will eat for life.
Cease the day.
Time does not wait for man, and man does not have any time.
Do what you can today and do not put it off until tomorrow.
I do think that by writing and reading poems can promote knowledge and improve writing skills. Try to enjoy what you are doing instead of forcing yourself. You can achieve much more if you enjoy what you are doing.
Always try and have goals and it is important to stick to these goals and become an achiever.
Don't be put off by what others think or say about you - Just be true to yourself and respect others.
Always help others who are less fortunate than you. Remember there will always be someone who is less fortunate than you.
And I have almost run out of things to write and more importantly my dad wants to use the computer to do his work! So I am off now until we meet again.

Thank you for your time and Have a Stunning Day!

Sanjay Sharma said...

1. Poetry is important because it is expressive, emotive & creative. Poets often say things in different ways & hence helps readers broaden their creative horizons. Poetry makes lifelong readers.
2. Yes I like poetry very much. Primarily because it makes you feel something. I believe it is a great creative medium. Poets are very intelligent people, who are often under rated.
3. From memory, Keats, Byron, Shakespeare, Hardy, Wilde, Browning, Wordsworth, Chaucer.
4. Yes, listening to poetry will
enhance our writing skills; it can improve our rhyme, grammar & vocabulary. We can become more confident, expressive & gain a wider understanding of English language & literature.

Sanjay Sharma (Age 38)
(Nikhil's Dad)

The Gearies Poetry Researchers. said...

1.Why is poetry important?
poetry is a good way to express yourself, and you might learn more rhyming words
2.Do you like poetry?
Yes I do. Especially the nonsense poems. you know any famous poets?
Sorry I don't. you think that listening to poems will help our writing skills?
I've read loads of poems, and think it has improved my writing skills.

Sakeena aged 7

The Gearies Poetry Researchers. said...

a)The poetry is really inportant because it expresses someone,s imotions and feelings through words.
b)I love poetry because it is very calming.
c)Edgor Allan Poe and Kamper[Indian poet] are well known poets.
d)I think that listening and performing poems will help our writing skills because we use our imagination and allows us to be creative.
Brawin,6 Interviewed by Yalini[mum].

Miss Benjamin said...

1. Why is poetry important?
I think that poetry is a means of expressing yourself - some people find it easier to express their feelings through poems. Poetry can also evoke feelings in the reader/listener making them happy, sad, think deeply about certain issues ....

2. Do you like poetry?
I enjoy some poetry especially poems that are written in unconventional ways. I also write poetry as I find it is a really good way to express my feelings!

3. Do you know any famous poets?
I really can't think of any off hand. Was Shakespeare a poet?

4. Do you think that listening to poems will help our writing skills?
I think that it will definitely help with creative writing!

Miss Benjamin

Miss Barham said...

1. I think poetry is important because it lets you communicate in different ways and ways that you would not normally communicate in. It also allows you to be very expressive.

2. I really like poetry, and I like poems that rhyme I also like poems because you can use them to compose songs and as I really like music I find this very good.

3. I have read lots of different poets work including, Spike Milligan, Roald Dahl, Wordsworth, Allan, Ahlberg and Rudyard Kipling.

4. I definately think that listening to and performing poetry will help with your writing skills as it will provide you with lots of rich vocabulary that you can then use in your writing.

Miss Barham

Chat said...

Because it helps us to learn new things and it helps us to express our feelings. Poets always challenge the norm by their creative thinking and made people change.

Poems makes me feel happy and makes the whole world feel good and bring happiness to many people.

I am really admired and facinated by some of the famous indian poets like "Barathi" and "Kampar".

Poems are creative and immaginative. I am sure by listening them will not only help our writing skills but also help us to be immaginative. By performing them we can express feelings and can effectively communicate our ideas to other people.
Chathurrsan age 6

Anonymous said...

Dont know


Anonymous said...

it will be good


lana said...

Poetry is iportant because it's a very good way to express a person,also it's very fun and relaxing! I love poetry because it can turn a person from angry to happy!
Even though I like poetry, I dont't Know any poets, but I wan't to know a few.

Miss I'Anson said...

Why is poetry important?
It is an important way of expressing a thought, feeling or view of the world.

Do I like poetry?
Yes, the poetry I like varies on my mood or life experiences at the time.
Some of my best remembered Secondary school Literacy lessons involve memories of dissecting some of Tennyson's poems.I needed help then!

Do I know any famous poets?
Tennyson, Owen, McGough, Richard Bach and Rosen are some of my favourites.

Do you think listening to poems will help our writing skills?
Yes, by listening to and understanding the different genres it will broaden a person's knowledge base and understanding of how poems work. It can provide confidence when attempting personal poetry and ways of expressing thoughts/feelings important to the individual.

K-H Mak said...

Poetry is important on many levels. Creatively it teaches us how to communicate with others using discriptive language and language structure such as repetition, rhyme and punctuation.

Historically it provides us with much insight into times past. By reading poets such as Chaucer and Shakespeare through to Larkin and Heaney we can see how people felt about many aspects of life.

In everyday life poetry provides a common focus. It may not be obvious but it is everywhere from cartoons to advertising to pop songs. We can find ourselves talking about it without even realising it.

I love poetry because it is so engaging, so much can be said by often so few words. When I was about eight years old one of my favourite books was 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. It was so atmospheric and brutal and utterly compelling and the illustrations by Charles Keeping were amazing too. I also love 'The Simpsons' interpretation of 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe.

K-H Mak (Joely's aunt)

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