Monday, 8 December 2008

Saving Mother Earth

Save Mother Earth

Everyone should plant more trees
Then the wind will be full of O2 breeze
Use the energy generated from the wind
Pass the message to change people's mind
We can put our legs on pedals
Recycling will put Mother Earth with medals
Keep our lights when we need
This is one of the big green seed.

Brawin Kajenthra (7)
Gearies Junior School

For this poem I won the Creative Writing Award.


Anonymous said...

What a great poem with a strong message that we called all heed!
Thank you for publishing this on our blog, it now means we have award winning poetry on it!
What a great achievement, very well done.
Thanks again
Mr Lea.

sarahjohn4417 said...

what a poem u hav made by ur creativity thats amazing